Thursday, 4 December 2008

Moel Famau country park

We are lucky enough to have this country park on our doorstep. It's nothing spectacular when held up against nearby Snowdonia national park, but serves as a great local bolt-hole for a fix of fresh air. Once in a while it all falls into place - with the sun, snow and the last of the autumn colour it starts to feel like somewhere far more remote.

The bottom image is a panorama, moulded from seven portrait shots. The quality of the original image is astounding, but you will have to take my word for it looking at this postage stamp version!

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John said...

Great images! Were they taken this week?

Hope you don't mind - I've given you a mention on my little Moel Famau site.



David White said...

Thanks John

These where taken yesterday AM (4th Dec). A tiny bit late for the morning glow, but still a lovely fresh morning.

The top shots are taken from the clwydians limestone pavement with Moel Famau in the distance, the panorama from the top of the cliff at loggerheads.

Me said...

I very much like the first image - right up my flavor