Friday, 23 January 2009

Snowdon Summit Station

A cafe? You can no longer call this a cafe. The new summit station on Snowdon is wonderful. It’s not open yet mind you, but with squinted eyes you can just about steal a view of the interior – it’s all Welsh slate, oak and stainless steel. Here’s to great architecture! More infomation here

A year pass to the local zoo is a rather fine Christmas present indeed - thank you!

Y Lliwedd from Llyn Llydaw

A quickly grabbed shot while jogging off Snowdon, this time from the Miners track at Llyn Llydaw, looking up toward a third of the Snowdon horseshoe range - Y Lliwedd.

Snowdon Horseshoe

These detail shot taken on the Snowdon horseshoe route. A day of big bold colours. Oh, how we love high pressure weather systems in winter.

Glyder Fawr, Glyder Fach, Trefan (paradise fell run #2)

More hastily grabbed shots taken with shakey hands on what really was a bit of special day to be running in the hills. Why can't all winters in the UK be like this one.

Wild Ponies on Conway Mountain (paradise fell run #1)

Wild Ponies on Conwy Mountain. These hastily grabbed photographs were taken with a point-and-shoot camera on a perfect fell run. The typcially boggy ground was frozen to a fast-paced concrete, a golden sunset lit mountains and best of all; a few hours freedom from the central-heated excesses of the festive season.

Llanberis Slate Quarry - Storm over Snowdon

This simple looking image is the result of lots of hard work – it’s crafted from a bunch of images joined up together – the original picture is now massive would fill a wall without looking at all nasty. I really like it a lot. This might be because of the effort involved in building it and the knowledge this has so much potential to print really big. I am hoping I just like it because its full of drama and reminds me of classical biblical paintings – only time and some expensive printing will tell...

Llanberis Slate Quarry

I had only walked through the slate quarry at Llanberis once a few years back. That was a purposeful group march to access the peaks above the quarry. I remember feeling then that the ghosts of the past seemed to linger in the abandoned workers buildings and made a point to get back there with more time. Years later, on the edge of a storm and alone, this visit felt like wandering through a wonderful and abandoned gothic film set.

Limefield Park - First Light

Golden light, clear air, frosty ground, pretty dogs, pure cheese.

Frosty Snowdonia

These shots of Trefan and Snowdon were taken in the cold spell over Christmas/New Year.

I seem to be getting a bit hooked on taking pictures with nothing in them. hum.

Puffin Island from Penmaenmawr

This shot of Anglesey’s Puffin Island was inspired by the cover of a rather good Iain Banks novel 'Complicity'.