Saturday, 5 July 2008

A wee change of blog direction...

At the start of 2008, needed a new creative outlet. I chose photography as it gels well with my day job as a graphic designer, but is different enough to not feel like work. I got hold of a digital SLR, saved up for a decent lens then got to work. I started out with the goal of shooting every day of this year and publishing the results here. Practice makes perfect, right? It also creates a visual record of the year. All good. Mid-way through this year though, I now find this daily photography concept restrictive. I am finding myself wanting to explore subjects in more depth, develop projects and process images with more finesse that the relentless search for a new daily photographic subject allows. I still mean to shoot a lot this year, contine to document places I visit and people I meet, but hopefully just that little bit closer.

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